PJEST is Pakistan Journal Emerging Science and Technologies. The ultimate ambition of this journal is to bridge the gap between Physics, Emerging Science and all related fields aiming at Technological opportunities for college students and researchers. The advanced technologies promise novel revolutionary products and methods in numerous areas of application. Scientists and researchers working in these fields are invited to submit their papers. After blind review, all accepted papers will be published in Pakistan Journal of Emerging Science and Technologies (PJEST), Department of Physics, Govt. Islamia Graduate College Civil Lines Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan Journal Emerging Science and Technologies (PJEST) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that is published biannually by Department of physics, Physics Society and research forum of Govt. Islamia Graduate College Civil Lines Lahore Pakistan. PJEST is dedicated to increasing the depth of Emerging Science, Engineering subjects, technologies and all related fields with the aim of expanding knowledge of these subjects.

PJEST journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to publishing high quality research papers, short communication articles and reviews. The multidisciplinary aspects of the journal encourage global collaboration between researchers in multiple fields and provide cross-disciplinary dissemination of findings. The journal publishes original and unpublished research articles, case studies, and state of the art papers. It seeks original research efforts based on theoretical, experimental and simulated work that fills the gap in current knowledge. The annual volume consists of two issues published biannually. Manuscripts must be submitted in English language. Peer Review is undertaken under the responsibility of the Department of physics, Physics Society and research forum of Govt. Islamia Graduate College Civil Lines Lahore Pakistan with the help of qualified external and internal reviewers. Authors from all over the world are invited to submit manuscripts for possible publications in PJEST Journal.

  • To promote higher studies and research on pure and applied science in GIGCCL Lahore, Pakistan and to disseminate scientific knowledge;
  • To formulate standards of scientific effort and achievement in GIGCCL Lahore, Pakistan and to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement of science;
  • To publish and assist in the publication of Conference Proceedings, Journals, Transactions, Monographs, Books and other scientific literature;
  • To establish and maintain association and relations between Pakistani scientists and the international groups, meetings and unions of scientists, and between Pakistani scientific activities and the activities of scientists in other countries;
  • To undertake such scientific work of national or international importance as the GIGCCL Lahore, Pakistan may be called upon to perform by the Government; –to have the advisory and consultative status with the Ministries and Divisions of Government dealing with scientific and technical matters, and to represent internationally the scientific work of Pakistan;
  • To correlate and assist in correlating the efforts of other scientific bodies;
  • To do all other lawful things that the GIGCCL Lahore, Pakistan may consider conducive to, or necessary for, the attainment of its aims and objects.