Prof. Akhtar Hussain Sandhu (Principal GIGCCL, Lahore, Pakistan)

Prof. Muhammad Abbas Khalid (Chairman Department of Physics)

Dr. Muhammad Javaid Afzal (Head of Department, Ex-Head QEC GIGCCL, Lahore, Pakistan)
(Joint Secretary)

Dr. Daniel Yousaf
(General Secretary)

The basic objectives and goals of Physics society include:

  • To stimulate and support faculty members and students to arrange conference/seminars, workshop etc for the promotion of Physics as a subject.
  • To arrange educational trip/tours for the students/faculty members to find practical applications of Physics in daily life within the country.
  • To arrange quiz program for the intermediate students to develop interest in Physics.
  • To have collaboration through seminars/workshops with colleagues of others colleges and universities.
  • To develop and collaborate in scientific activities and scientific projects with other institutions within the country or abroad.
  • The important goal would be to better inform the public/Layman about the subject of Physics and demonstrate how physics and physicists are involved in the innovative research and are introducing new technology for the betterment of human kind.
  • Figure out the ways to promote innovative ideas into research papers/ publications.
  • To appreciate and encourage position holder Physics students at intermediate or graduate level and to give motivation to other students for physics.
  • To develop research and scientific culture among faculty members and students to promote Physics as a practical and valuable subject.

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