Artificial Intelligence is used to design smart appliances that can serve exactly as it is done by human intellect. It is the aim to replicate and imitate human intelligence. AI is the study of agents that collect percepts from the surroundings and execute actions. Russel and Norvig implied four strategies. First two were about reasoning and thinking. The last two were sensing the behaviour.

In Japan, Jeremy Achin CEO data robot in 2017 proposed “AI is a computer technique. It can do works that need human intellect”.AI research has been sub-categorized due to technical purposes e.g robotics and machine learning. The AI draws upon computer science, information engineering, mathematics, linguistics etc. Artificial Intelligence is based on the concept that a machine can be made to mimic human mind.

AI processes have become an integral part of the technology industry, enabling us to solve many challenging issues in computer science and software engineering. AI analyses its domains and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. Research in AI has concentrated largely on intelligence learning and problem-solving. American companies maintained about two thirds of investments in AI modelled 2016. Both Siri and Google Translate utilize AI programs designed after the understanding strategy of human neural networks.

In AI, Machine Learning means a machine that learns and performs functions. Deep learning allows machines to analyze multilayer algorithms or neural networks. In a way, it imitates human thoughts. Physicist Stephen Hawking and space x founder Elen Musk have addressed concerns that AI could reach a point where humans are unable to handle it and switch to the end of the human race.

Therefore Artificial Intelligence AI proves a blessing as it works for the benefit of masses. Now it has become an essential part of our progress.AI serves as one of the top emerging sciences.