Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmad (Dean Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Science GCU)

Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmad, Tenure Track Professor in Higher Education Commission Pakistan, Chairman Department of Physics,  Director Institute of Physics (IOP) and Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences GC University, Lahore.

He got his Ph.D in “Plasma and High Temperature Physics”  from Imperial College London, UK, worked as Lecturer on deputation at Imperial college London, UK and conducted research at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. He is author of more than102 International research publications and several book chapters.  He has supervised Dozens of Ph.D and M.Phil students in different areas of Physics. He was awarded Best Teacher award by HEC in 20210 and Gold medal in Physics by Pakistan Academy of Sciences in 2018. He is esteemed member of many International and National Societies of Physics like Pakistan Institute of Physics (PIP), Pakistan Physical Societies (PPS) & Al- Khawarzmic Physics Society. He has won numerous Research Grants and Contracts from  Higher Education Commission (HEC). His Current research interest includes Surface modification and deposition of materials are being performed using Plasma Focus Device and cold plasma device. These treated samples are then analyzed using SEM, EDX, AFM and Hardness tester.