QEC-GIGCCL Research Policy

In order to promote quality research and create next generation of researchers of international standards, The Dr. Akhtar Hussain Sandhu worthy Principal GIGCCL is pleased to announce QEC-GIGCCL effective from September 1st, 2021, for the quality control of national and international research papers, book publications, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, research paper published science citation indexed papers and practical journals, based on research in GIGCCL.

Note: QEC-GIGCCL will only consider the impact factor issued by Thomson Reuters in their Journal Citation Reports

Quality Enhancement Cell

Dr. Muhammad Javaid Afzal                              Head QEC

Dr. Abdul Rab (Physics)                                      Member

Dr. Basit Ali (Physics)                                          Member

Dr Azhar Zaidi (B.S Co-ordinator)                      Member

Dr. Ammir Nadeem (Zology)                              Member

Dr. Syed Azhar Hussain (Education)                 Member

Dr. Athar Khurshid (English)                               Member

Dr. Muhammad Sohail (Chemistry)                    Member

Dr. Nadeem Bari (Mathematics)                         Member

Visiting member respective Department