Dr. Muhammad Javaid Afzal (Head QEC GIGCCL, Lahore, Pakistan)

Dr. Muhammad Javaid Afzal obtained his Doctoral degree from The University of Lahore, Lahore Pakistan in 2019. His core field is “Simulation, Fabrication, and Analysis of Microchannels for Biomedical Applications” Dr. Muhammad Javaid Afzal has his expertise in experimentation and simulation software (ANSYS and MATLAB Fuzzy) and their use in biomedical engineering for evaluation and passion for improving the health and wellbeing. His open and contextual simulation software based on responsive constructivists creates new pathways for improving healthcare. He is the author of many impact factor research papers, conference papers, and two book chapters. He is the reviewer of International renowned impact factor Journals including IEEE Access Journal, AIP Advances, Ceramics International, and Microsystem Technologies. He is working as an Assistant Professor of Physics in Govt. Islamia Graduate College Civil Lines Lahore, Pakistan. During his Ph.D. He has got a travel grant two times from Pakistan HEC. His current research interests involve varicose veins (biomedical engineering), Autism, ANSYS, Fuzzy MATLAB, Modeling & Simulations & Computational Fluid Dynamics, Physics, Electronics, Optimization, and Discriminations. He has many research publications to date to his credit. He shared his research work in international conferences/seminars held in Pakistan, Romania, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, and Poland. He has arranged national and international conferences, seminars, webinars, project exhibitions, and Scientific Exhibition as chief organizer. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor (Physics) in the Department of Physics, Ex-Registrar (2019-2020) GIGCCL, and Head QEC, Govt. Islamia Graduate College Civil Lines, Lahore, Pakistan.